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Simply said; Great DESIGN gets noticed. I LOVE design. I LOVE helping people with their success! Branding, web and graphic design is the perfect combination! When I’m not working, well I’m still working (sort of, LOL)…always observing, taking mental notes, jotting down ideas, researching my craft, meeting new people, updating my vision board, learning as much as possible and peering through the creative looking glass of life!

Creating and crafting has always been my passion, but over a decade ago I also made it my career. That was the greatest decision of my life.   With over 11 years of design and branding experience, a bachelors degree in business/marketing and another in computer graphic design, I bring an abundance of expertise, energy and inspired creativity to each project I take on.   Based in Calgary & the Okanagan, Canada, but my clients are from all walks of life in every corner of the world.  I specialize in designing brands, graphics and websites.  I’m super excited to collaborate with you & help make your brand or event shine!

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